What is a bank? Bank has been demonised by the Leftist thugs to the extent that we in fact never try to find out the real entity represented by the word bank.

24.11.21 06:34 AM By info

Bank is just an interface. You have some savings. Somebody else has a business plan but doesn't have the money. The two of you do not know each other, even the existence of each other. But there is a bank in the neighbourhood. You go and deposit your savings with the bank. The man with the business plan obtains the loan from the bank. Bank earns interest from him, and passes on some of it to you. You have the benefit that the due diligence of the loanee is done by the bank which has resources to do so. Further, if some loanees default, still you get your money back  which would not be the case in P2P lending. You win, the loanee wins, and the bank employees earn their livelihood.

Such interfaces exist in all walks of life and fulfil very useful roles, and infantiles of the Left can't comprehend the role they play, so they demonise them all. For example, the corner shopkeeper is just and interface between the you, the consumer, and the producer. 

Dharmansh Foundation aims at becoming the similar interface between the Hindus who have some money to spare  to help the needy Hindus, and the needy Hindus. Those of us who can spare some money must help needy Hindus primarily for two reasons, one is pure humanitarian: it is moral to help those in need. Second is  selfish: more the Hindus around us, safer we are. If needy Hindus are helped, they won't be vulnerable to vultures circling overhead, who plan to consume us all: the needy first by using their desperation, and the rest of  us by using the same needy against us after conversions.

So please donate. Whatever amount you can spare on regular basis, monthly or annually. Following are the account details:

Name: Dharmansh Foundation 

A/c no: 065005004524

IFSC code: ICIC0000650

Branch address: iCICI Bank, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur 

A/c type: current