Our Programs

Project Karuna

This project supports families of the Hindu Sahodaras who unfortunately fall prey to Riots or Communal Violence. We propose to support the families of Hindu individuals who lose their life due to any reason, between the age group of 20-60 years and were the providers of their family.


Project Shuddhi

This project is to enable the financial rehabilitation and socially support our Hindu Sahodaras who lost their way or were induced to change their way of life and strayed away from their roots of Hinduism.


Project Aalingan

We request the Hindu samaj to stop using the word 'Dalit' and refer to our underprivileged brothers as our 'Sahodaras'. Project Aalingan is an initiative to work for the welfare of the socially and financially weaker sections of Hindu Society with special focus on SC/ST samaj of Hindus.   


Project Nyay

This project aims to financially and legally assists Hindus who were falsely accused, framed and arrested while serving Dharma. It also aims to provide legal assistance to Hindus/organisations who are defending Hindu temples and similar properties of religious importance. It will initiate to file PILs to protect Hindu Interests and a central legal team will be formed to liaison with the local lawyers to help Hindu Sahodaraas on ground level. 

Project Sahyog - (Hindu Genocide Documentation)

This project monetarily aids the documentation, rehabilitation and legal support of the Hindus across the globe who were killed, raped, looted or exiled from their places of residence.


Project Samvaad

This project is to spread awareness about the atrocities and issues our Hindu Sahodars are facing in various parts of the globe including Bharat. We will be highlighting the program and projects that we our allied organisations are doing for the betterment of Hindu Society and Dharma. With this tool we will be reminding the world about legacy and intricacies of Sanatan Dharma and fighting against the malicious propaganda to demean our Dharma on various media platforms.


Project Setu

This project is to support and enable our Hindu sahodars across the globe to rehabilitate and connect to their roots tn the land of their ancestors. Especially in the countries bordering Bharat, for example Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Dedicated cells will be formed to support Hindus in each of these nations as issues faced by Hindus in these countries are of different connotations.


Project Shiksha

This project monetarily supports Hindu Individual or organisations who are working for primary and higher education of hindu Children. It also supports our Sahodaras to get vocational trainings and start earning on their own.


Atrocities Against Hindus

For centuries, Hindus have suffered biggest, longest ongoing,  genocide in the history of mankind. 

A genocide of every type - massacre, forced conversions, Jihad, and much more. Yet, even Hindus are not aware about it. 

Islamic Jihad
440 Million
Hindus Killed/Raped/Converted
Converted to Christanity
6.78 Million
Forced/Blackmailed to convert
Political Crimes
97.7 Million
Hindus Murdered/Raped/Tortured
Love Jihad
56 Per Day
Converted to Islamto Islam